Sharon Davis

I’m a London-based #dancemaker.  Swing, jazz and burlesque feed my soul. My global jazz family helps me bring swingin’ dance routines, big-hearted dance classes, jazzy projects and good vibes into the world. Join me!

About me

I’m half Australian, half English and I live in London. My big love and keep-me-awake-at-night passion is dance & music. Specifically from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. So I’ve been dancing Lindy Hop, Charleston, Jazz and Burlesque for almost 20 years now. I had the great honour of learning from some of the original creators & legends of these dances, most of whom have now sadly passed on. So my mission now is to pass on the knowledge & beautiful spirit I learned from my teachers. I don’t know how I got so damn lucky, but for the past 15 years it’s been my full-time job to teach and perform my dance all over the world – as Sharon Davis, or in the burlesque world as Bonnie Fox.

Thanks to Sara Pista for this photo @ Winter Black Festival, Spain

I run a school & dance company in London called JazzMAD.

I founded the European Swing Dance Championships.

I run a performance space in Deptford, South London called Jazzbourne.

I’m also obsessed with the history of jazz music and all its authentic dances, so I’ve spent tonnes of time researching the subject and trying to educate the world about this gorgeous, joy-filled, deep-as-the-ocean artform. For instance, check out the Welcome To The Savoy project.


Photo by the wonderful Sara Pista @ Mojo Swing Festival, Gran Canaria

Learn online with me

I have a growing library of instructional dance videos available through my Patreon page. For around the price of a single dance class a month, you can learn to dance swing, jazz and blues and you will be supporting me as an artist! That’s huge. THANK YOU.

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