Photo by the wonderful Sara Pista @ Mojo Swing Festival, Gran Canaria

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Patreon Sitemap

Warmups & Conditioning

Jazz Yoga: My Sun Salutation for Swing Dancers
How To Do A Full Body Warmup
Full Body Warmup with Music (Front View)
Full Body Warmup with Music (Rear View)



Introduction to Solo Jazz for Beginners
How to dance the 1920s Charleston for Beginners
How to dance Solo Blues for Beginners
Vintage Jazz Routines: The Shim Sham Routine (Full Breakdown)
Vintage Jazz Routines: The Shim Sham (demo with music)


Jazz Drills & Skills

Dance-at-Home Series: My Charleston Variation System
Dance-At-Home Series: Spinning Exercise
Dance-At-Home Series: Lock Turns Exercise

Jazz Steps

18 “Fall Off The Log” variations you need in your life
Advanced Jazz Steps: Shishkabooms
Advanced Jazz Steps: Tea-For-Two Turn
Advanced Jazz Steps: Stump & Stumpy Turns
Advanced Jazz Steps: Heel Clicks
Advanced Jazz Steps: Half Break Foot Slap
Advanced Jazz Steps: Fall Off The Log Turn & Twist
Advanced Jazz Steps: Eagle Slide to Suzie-Q
Advanced Jazz Steps: Dean Collins’ Shorty George
Advanced Charleston Steps: Addie Seamon Charleston
Advanced Charleston Steps: Berry Brothers Charleston
Advanced Charleston Steps: Charleston with Centred Heel Click
Advanced Charleston Steps: Charleston with Scissor Kicks
Advanced Charleston Steps: Chug Back & Slide
Advanced Charleston Steps: Tea-For-Two Combo
Advanced Charleston Steps: Popeye Kicks
Advanced Charleston Steps: Run-on-the-Log with Heel Digs
Advanced Charleston Steps: Charleston with Slip Slops
Advanced Charleston Steps: Lock & Twist
Advanced Charleston Steps: Double Sided Windmills
Advanced Charleston Steps: Legomania


My Jazz Routines

“Let’s Misbehave” Charleston Routine in Heels
“My Man Stands Out” Jazz Routine 2018
“At The Clambake Carnival” Jazz Routine 2015
“All Right Okay You Win” Jazz Routine 2014
“Ain’t She Sweet” Jazz Routine 2016
“Cherry Brandy” Jazz Routine 2018
“Take The A Train” Jazz Routine 2017
“Buddy Bolden Stomp” Jazz Routine 2014
“Buck Fever” Jazz Routine 2013
“Leap Frog” Jazz Routine 2015
“Lucy Brown” Jazz Routine 2010
“Tailspin” Jazz Routine 2017
The Mad Apple Routine 2016
“Snakehips” Charleston Routine 2014


Vintage Jazz Routines

Vintage Jazz Routines: The Shim Sham Routine (Full Breakdown)
Vintage Jazz Routines: The Shim Sham (demo with music)