Swing Fashionista Dot Com Screen Shot

I have a new blog, collaboratively with a group of other swing dancing ladies, called SwingFashionista.com

It’s a blog and look book, about swing fashion – both swing era vintage (1920s, 30s & 40s), and also those special fashions that sweep through the swing community around the world, completely independently of the fashion world at large!

We’ll be taking photos of the well-dressed folk at all the swing dance events we go to around the globe, and posting them up on the blog, as well as vintage photos that inspire us and anything else related to vintage fashion, hair and makeup of the jazz age.

If you have a snapshot of anyone (guy or girl!) in your local scene, looking fine in swing era vintage style, or you have anything else you think might be relevant to SwingFashionista.com, then email it to shaz@swingfashionista.com